Eat up the Miles, Drink in the Culture.

Mangia, Beve, Bici.

Eat, Drink, Ride.

The itinerary has long been set. Flights have been booked. Legs and lungs are as good as they are going to get. There is no more fitness to be gained.

Chianti, Italy here we come.

My great friend, Phil Bond and I are heading to Italy for some riding, food and wine. A fully supported bike tour put on by inGamba. Phil and I will be treated like professional bike riders. For the cycling all that we need to bring are our shoes, a couple of spare jerseys and shorts everything else is provided.

Before linking up with the inGamba tour Phil and I are going to spend a couple of days in Florence for some site seeing. I hear there is some art and big churches there.

For the tour we will base out of the town Lecchi. We will be basing out one hotel for the entire tour and all rides start and finish in Lecchi.

Our days will start with a team breakfast. Then we will gather for the days ride. The mechanic will have our SRAM equipped Pinarello F8 bikes ready for us. Recently retired pro rider Ted King will be joining us too as a tour guide. Another tour guide will be Eros Poli. Again another former pro rider. Eros is a Tour de France stage winner. A tour stage that featured Mont Ventoux. We might be in over our heads. We are just a little bit nervous.

Each days ride will vary in length. The country side looks to be rolling hills. We will have café stops and some rides we will stop for lunch. As we finish each days ride we hand our bikes over to the mechanic for maintenance and TLC.

After the ride we shower and relax and then get a massage. And YES I have shaved my legs!! And I like it!

We next get ready for dinner. Dinners will either be at local restaurants or at the hotel with our own private chefs.

This trip is all about experiencing the local culture and the local culture is big on wine. We will be taught about the local wine and that should involve a lot of sampling.

If I know Phil Bond NO grape or vineyard stands chance. Their supplies will run low! Of course I will be just observing.

I’ll try to put some updates out on facebook but I promise nothing.

If by chance you meet up with or talk to Mr. Phil Bond after we are back stateside please remember that any and all tales of our trip will be great embellished. I think the only people I know that would embellish a story more than Phil are Chuck, Fish, Stewart and Jeff Kolberg, .

If you want the real story it can only be had by me. And remember photos can lie!

If you want more information about the trip here is a link to InGamba’s site.

From the InGamba website:

“We’re passionate about riding, food, wine and culture — and ensuring that our guests share in those loves so thoroughly that your trip will not be merely the best cycling vacation of your life, but the best vacation you’ve ever had, period.

How do we accomplish this? It’s pretty simple. All we have to do is be perfect.”




Proud to announce that Galibier will be on the 2015 Rio Salado Vizsla Club calendar. Since being awarded the exclusive cover Galibier has been extremely busy as of late and not just chasing his tail. He has been hitting the barking circuit with appearances and  interviews with the Dog Whisperer, Animal Planet, and AKC today just to name a few. Also calendar signings at Petsmats, Petco,  and Paws r US.

Galibier has also turned into quite the prima donna after his photo shoot. He now expects fresh toilet bowl water, dinner with us at the kitchen table, laying on the couches, sleeping in our bed and us to take him for daily walks. If I didn’t know better I would say he is a bitch.

Also joining Galibier in the calendar, December is Galibier’s dad, the Legend, the Myth, the great d’Huez along with some of their hunting buddies.

Galibier’s photo shoot was in the stunning mountain area of Crested Butte Colorado. d’Huez’s photo shoot was in the the beautiful mountains in southern Arizona south of Sonoita Arizona and not too far from the Mexico border.

RSVC 2015 CoverGalibier. Crested Butte, Co. July 2014.

Mearns Camp 2008 028d’Huez, Hunter, Galibier, Cooper, Charlie. Southern AZ. November 2008.

If you would like to order a calendar click here.


The 2014 Cross Country Arizona State Championships were held this past Saturday, November 8th at the Cave Creek golf course in Phoenix. Along with a challenging course we also had unseasonably hot weather. If we didn’t have record temperatures for the day we were darn close. It is a great course with lots of rolling hills that can destroy a racer if they go out too fast.

Shannon and her team were very well prepared for the race and they raced strong and smart. Shannon led the Xavier Gators home with a 9th place finish and helped the Gators to a 2nd place finish. Shannon set her own personal record on the course beating her previous best by 31 seconds! Speaking of records the race winner, Dani Jones set a course record and beat her personal best by 34 seconds.


Next up Nike Southwest.

States 2014_11_08-117157 Racers and 21 teams off the start.

States 2014_11_08-120Excitement of the start.

States 2014_11_08-125Xavier’s Shannon, Sierra, Jane and Caroline. #387 Dani Jones. Race Winner.

States 2014_11_08-134Shannon and Jane in the pack near the the front. First couple hundred meters into the race.

States 2014_11_08-155Shannon heading down a hill at about 1 1/4 mile into the race. Big crowd. Shannon is in 12th place here

States 2014_11_08-197Jane and Shannon in a front pack just after the 2 mile mark.

States 2014_11_08-258Shannon with less that 1000 meters to go. Shannon is in 9th place and would hold 9th place to the finish. Jane moved up to 10th place.

States 2014_11_08-263Nothing to do but finish.States 2014_11_08-371

States 2014_11_08-373

States 2014_11_08-390Daddy is happy too!!

States 2014_11_08-391Congratulations to Jane, Shannon and the 2014 Xavier Gators.

States 2014_11_08-396Top 21. Xavier Gators. Sierra, Jane, and Shannon.

States 2014_11_08-401Well Done Xavier 7. Jane, Shannon, Caroline, Shannon, Tessa, Sarah, Sierra.

States 2014_11_08-406Congratulations Xavier Gators!!! It’s not over yet. Eden, Jane, Shannon, Caroline, Vitto, Shannon, Tessa, Sarah, Sierra, Dave.

2014 Arizona States Championships Division 1 video.


Xavier College Preparatory link.