Molvins for the Cure

Great news… It’s that time of year again.

The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. To Donate please click this link.

Marla, Amanda, Shannon, Molly and I will be running in the Race for the Cure October 9th, 2011. The run has become a family tradition.

Pretty in Pink

A tradition that includes many friends and one that I hope continues for a long long time.

Friends for the Cure

Why I run

I love how the girls really get into it. We make our own special shirts each year.

We run for....

The shirts feature names of family and friends that we have either lost to cancer or are survivors of cancer.

Why we run

It is really hard to describe how awe inspiring the Race for the Cure is. I am humbled every year at this run. You hear remarkable stories of survivorship, the battles lost, the on-going fights, how families, friends, strangers, and communities come together for the cause, the cure.

Friends run too

If you would like to help in the fight to cure for cancer click Find a Cure

Come on out and join the fight.

We are Strong

We will run for the Cure



We Are Blessed, We Will Run! We Run For You!


A Saturday to Remember

Once again our Saturday got off to a pre-dawn start. I headed out with Amanda for cross country training. The run started at the high school and headed over to the Phoenix Preserve for some trail running and hill work. Amanda lost her rookie stripes on the run with a big crash, no worries though as she finished the run strong.

Wounded Warrior

I think she was actually looking forward to showing off her scrapes and bruises at the homecoming dance Saturday evening.

Right after cross country practice we went to watch Molly play in her schools softball festival.

In the Ready

Got it

Nice stance

Molly played a couple really good games, got a few hits,

Is this a wardrobe malfunction?

scored a couple of runs,

Rounding First


Ball, please don't hit me!


Heading to Third

but the highlight was Molly filling in for the catcher who had been hurt earlier in the first game.

I'm ready

Warming up


Catcher in the making















We even had a hawk watching the action.

Best seat in the house

Later in the day we met up with Amanda to take some photos of her and friends before they headed to the Homecoming dance.

Daddy's Girl








My little girl is all grown up!

She grew up too fast

The gang











All About the Run or What Doesn’t Kill You Makes you Stronger.

Last week I am not sure what I was thinking or how I survived. Six runs in four days!  OK that may not be entirely correct. I know what I was thinking and that was that any chance I have to run with my daughters I must take it.

Amanda is running on the Shadow Mountain High School cross country team and Molly is running with Go the Distance running club.

I was asked to run with Amanda’s team on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to provide protection as there have been a few incidents of stranger danger recently in the area. Not sure what I could offer in the protection area but I took it as an opportunity to run with Amanda.

Molly’s GTD cross country started last Monday and as in seasons past I and other parents run with the team. Usually we spread out through the run and just try to keep the kids from getting lost. My thinking is I get my workout in, get free coaching, and get to run with Molly.

If a Little is Good a Lot is Better.

I was feeling well until out on run number 5, Thursday morning’s SMHS run. With about a half mile left in the run the body said no more. I think I hit what is referred to as the wall. I had depleted all my energy stores. It was quite a weird feeling, weak and little tingly feeling but luckily I knew what was happening (similar to bonking on the bike to which I am familiar with) and was able to slow down the pace and finish the run. I had to somehow recover and recover quick as I only had twelve hours before the next run, Road Runner Sports Adventure run.

I got home after the run before work and started pouring in the food and recovery drinks. Chocolate milk and oatmeal featured well throughout the day. I felt weak all day but kept trying to replenish my body. I will admit I thought about not running Thursday night but I had already made plans to meet a friend at the run. I had to run. Before the run I ate a couple Honeystinger waffles, chews, and GUs. Surprisingly I was able to run and actually felt good throughout the run. I think what helped to keep me going was the knowledge that I had a couple of Deschute’s Black Butte Porters awaiting me at the finish.

I survived,

I would probably do it all again. Oh wait I have to do it all again, next week. Maybe I’ll bow out of a run or two.


Amanda Soldiers on.

Amanda’s second cross country meet was that of a warrior mentality. Amanda has been fighting a sore knee for a while. On our doctor’s advice Amanda took one week off from running. Her knee will continue to be sore but she is not risking injury. As it was time for her to resume running she came down ill. She missed school Wednesday but by Wednesday evening was feeling a bit better and said she was running with the team Thursday. Thursday morning I checked on her to see if she was running, I figured no way but Amanda told me that if she didn’t run Thursday then she couldn’t run in the meet Saturday. I can’t tell you how proud I was to hear her determination. Amanda made it through training but said it hurt and felt like she hadn’t been training at all. Tough, tough gal!

Saturday cross country meet was the Chandler Invitational, 36 teams. Races divisions are by class year. There were about 110 girls in Amanda’s JR year race division.

SMHS At the start.


Amanda got off to a good start.

Showing good form


The Az heat showed up again but that just meant that there was water available on the course.


Amanda always has a strong finish.

The Catch

The Pass

Shannon even showed up and showed her support.



Shannon’s Cross Country Season gets started.

This past Saturday, 9/3/11 Shannon’s cross country season and team got off to a great start. Xavier Won the Gold, Black, and JV division at the Sole Sports CC Festival. The Xavier coaches are saying that this years cross country team has more depth than any other year. I think there are seven freshman girls that also ran with Go The Distance last year. Shannon finished second in the JV division. Shannon’s friend Lauren (also from GTD) won the JV race and had the 4th overall best time. I am not sure how many schools ran in the meet but there were over 160 girls in the JV race. In the Black and JV races they start the boys one minute ahead of the girls. It is pretty cool seeing the girls and boys run together, seems the boys don’t like being passed by the girls. The meet was held in the morning so the temperature was much better than at Amanda’s meet.

Strong up the Hill.


Lauren, and Shannon heading up the hill the first time.







The Fearsome Threesome. Jessica, Lauren, and Shannon working the hill.

Here We Come! The Fearsome Threesome










I love hills




Picking up the pace

Got To Go Now!

Looking Real Strong

















Amanda gets the CC season started.

Amanda and her Shadow Mountain CC team had their first meet of the year on Wednesday at Kiwanis Park in Tempe. I think to say it was warm would be an understatement of epic proportion as the temperature was right around 110. I missed the start of the race as I was lost driving through the park. I did manage to catch the runners already on the course though.

Looking Strong


Still Strong

Finishing Real Strong

The Cool Down

Looking Good