A Saturday to Remember

Once again our Saturday got off to a pre-dawn start. I headed out with Amanda for cross country training. The run started at the high school and headed over to the Phoenix Preserve for some trail running and hill work. Amanda lost her rookie stripes on the run with a big crash, no worries though as she finished the run strong.

Wounded Warrior

I think she was actually looking forward to showing off her scrapes and bruises at the homecoming dance Saturday evening.

Right after cross country practice we went to watch Molly play in her schools softball festival.

In the Ready

Got it

Nice stance

Molly played a couple really good games, got a few hits,

Is this a wardrobe malfunction?

scored a couple of runs,

Rounding First


Ball, please don't hit me!


Heading to Third

but the highlight was Molly filling in for the catcher who had been hurt earlier in the first game.

I'm ready

Warming up


Catcher in the making















We even had a hawk watching the action.

Best seat in the house

Later in the day we met up with Amanda to take some photos of her and friends before they headed to the Homecoming dance.

Daddy's Girl








My little girl is all grown up!

She grew up too fast

The gang











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