All About the Run or What Doesn’t Kill You Makes you Stronger.

Last week I am not sure what I was thinking or how I survived. Six runs in four days!  OK that may not be entirely correct. I know what I was thinking and that was that any chance I have to run with my daughters I must take it.

Amanda is running on the Shadow Mountain High School cross country team and Molly is running with Go the Distance running club.

I was asked to run with Amanda’s team on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to provide protection as there have been a few incidents of stranger danger recently in the area. Not sure what I could offer in the protection area but I took it as an opportunity to run with Amanda.

Molly’s GTD cross country started last Monday and as in seasons past I and other parents run with the team. Usually we spread out through the run and just try to keep the kids from getting lost. My thinking is I get my workout in, get free coaching, and get to run with Molly.

If a Little is Good a Lot is Better.

I was feeling well until out on run number 5, Thursday morning’s SMHS run. With about a half mile left in the run the body said no more. I think I hit what is referred to as the wall. I had depleted all my energy stores. It was quite a weird feeling, weak and little tingly feeling but luckily I knew what was happening (similar to bonking on the bike to which I am familiar with) and was able to slow down the pace and finish the run. I had to somehow recover and recover quick as I only had twelve hours before the next run, Road Runner Sports Adventure run.

I got home after the run before work and started pouring in the food and recovery drinks. Chocolate milk and oatmeal featured well throughout the day. I felt weak all day but kept trying to replenish my body. I will admit I thought about not running Thursday night but I had already made plans to meet a friend at the run. I had to run. Before the run I ate a couple Honeystinger waffles, chews, and GUs. Surprisingly I was able to run and actually felt good throughout the run. I think what helped to keep me going was the knowledge that I had a couple of Deschute’s Black Butte Porters awaiting me at the finish.

I survived,

I would probably do it all again. Oh wait I have to do it all again, next week. Maybe I’ll bow out of a run or two.


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