Shannon’s Cross Country Season gets started.

This past Saturday, 9/3/11 Shannon’s cross country season and team got off to a great start. Xavier Won the Gold, Black, and JV division at the Sole Sports CC Festival. The Xavier coaches are saying that this years cross country team has more depth than any other year. I think there are seven freshman girls that also ran with Go The Distance last year. Shannon finished second in the JV division. Shannon’s friend Lauren (also from GTD) won the JV race and had the 4th overall best time. I am not sure how many schools ran in the meet but there were over 160 girls in the JV race. In the Black and JV races they start the boys one minute ahead of the girls. It is pretty cool seeing the girls and boys run together, seems the boys don’t like being passed by the girls. The meet was held in the morning so the temperature was much better than at Amanda’s meet.

Strong up the Hill.


Lauren, and Shannon heading up the hill the first time.







The Fearsome Threesome. Jessica, Lauren, and Shannon working the hill.

Here We Come! The Fearsome Threesome










I love hills




Picking up the pace

Got To Go Now!

Looking Real Strong

















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