Amanda Soldiers on.

Amanda’s second cross country meet was that of a warrior mentality. Amanda has been fighting a sore knee for a while. On our doctor’s advice Amanda took one week off from running. Her knee will continue to be sore but she is not risking injury. As it was time for her to resume running she came down ill. She missed school Wednesday but by Wednesday evening was feeling a bit better and said she was running with the team Thursday. Thursday morning I checked on her to see if she was running, I figured no way but Amanda told me that if she didn’t run Thursday then she couldn’t run in the meet Saturday. I can’t tell you how proud I was to hear her determination. Amanda made it through training but said it hurt and felt like she hadn’t been training at all. Tough, tough gal!

Saturday cross country meet was the Chandler Invitational, 36 teams. Races divisions are by class year. There were about 110 girls in Amanda’s JR year race division.

SMHS At the start.


Amanda got off to a good start.

Showing good form


The Az heat showed up again but that just meant that there was water available on the course.


Amanda always has a strong finish.

The Catch

The Pass

Shannon even showed up and showed her support.



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